About us

After only a few intense months of getting to know each other, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that we both wanted to spend the second half of our lives in a sunny climate.

We wanted to leave behind the confined existence we were living, and say hello to living “our dream”. Soon, we decided to give the next phase of our shared life together more meaning. Our criteria were simple: a year-long mild climate, close proximity to the beach, a nice social scene, a safe and manicured environment, lots of nature and off the beaten track.

Our dream was to build a cute little café or bungalow inn directly on the beach. This simple pleasure would fulfill us, to offer our dear guests
a tasty dining and being experience in a relaxing, beautiful oasis!

Rather quickly, during a long and dreamy trip to Brazil, we found our oasis on the Cocoa-coast of Bahia.


Soon thereafter, with some tenacity, patience and of course a little luck, we purchased our dream location in 2011: 4000 m2 directly on the beach.

This would become our bambusada project. Creating a charming island feeling to welcome you.

We look forward to sharing it with you!

Mara & Koni