An historic, sleepy little town is situated approximately 650km south of Salvador de Bahia, the capital of Bahia, on the famous cocoa coast. With 35,000 inhabitants, founded in 1832, it lives mainly on agriculture and fishing.
The town is built in a colonial style demonstrated today through its colorful buildings, which no doubt brings cheerfulness to the inhabitants.

By Brazilian standards, Canavieiras is only a „village”, but it offers everything you need: supermarkets, shops, banks, small boutiques, a small clinic, good connections by public bus, restaurants and bars.

A special sight in Canavieiras is the old cocoa port with its exceptional views over the river „Rio Patipe“.  Also special is the mangrove landscape that showcases unique sunsets over cool drinks in friendly restaurants or bars.

The colorful bridge over the river Rio Patipe connects Canavieiras with the island Atalaia and takes you into another world.  The 17- km long, beautiful, white sand beach is a paradise for nature lovers, walkers, joggers, surfers, bikers and fishermen.

The excellent location of this coastal region offers an average temperature of 24 degrees the whole year round, and rarely is it warmer than 31 degrees.

The diversity of animal and plant life here is as unique as the climate.

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